Wastewater contains a large number of biomarkers that reflect the health, security, lifestyle and environment of our society

Our mission

Providing a platform for the exchange of expertise and knowledge in the field of wastewater-based epidemiology

Our aim is to harness the valuable information contained in wastewater to support efforts towards improved health and sustainability of our society

What we do

Promote the development and application of wastewater-based epidemiology as a tool to improve human health and sustainability.

Research and development

Development of new methods and technologies for the analysis and interpretation of wastewater data. SCORE members are involved in numerous national and international research projects.

Integration and collaboration

Working with other scientific fields, such as epidemiology and environmental science, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between wastewater indicators and human and environmental health.

Communication and outreach

Dissemination of research findings and best practices through workshops, conferences, and other outreach activities to expand the community of practitioners and encourage widespread adoption of wastewater-based epidemiology.

Promoting best practice

Through the research that our members carry out, their expertise and the year-long experience with proficiency testing, we formulate guidelines and best practices that organisations involved in wastewater-based epidemiology can follow to ensure that correct and accurate data can be obtained from wastewater analysis.

Laboratory proficiency testing

To guarantee that only high-quality data is used and published, SCORE organises a yearly inter-laboratory exercise in which any interested laboratory can participate for free.

Yearly monitoring campaigns

SCORE has been coordinating a yearly monitoring campaign to assess illicit drug use through wastewater analysis since 2011.
Once a year, SCORE members collect wastewater samples from cities across the world and analyse these to determine amounts of illicit drug markers. Data is then published and provides an overview of illicit drug use across numerous cities in the world. Part of this data is published by the European Centre for Drug and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in Lisbon.
Photo: KWR, Nieuwegein NL

Who we are

SCORE is built on the voluntary work and commitment of its members, a network of more than 34 organisations from across the world.

Activities of SCORE are coordinated by a smaller group of core member organisations.

Meet the SCORE core team

This is the group of researchers that coordinate the SCORE network

Sara Castiglioni​

Unit Head at Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research​

Coordinator SCORE network

Lubertus Bijlsma

Researcher at Research Institute for Pesticides and Water, University Jaume I

Deputy coordinator SCORE network

Christoph Ort

Group Leader (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology)

Frederic Béen

Researcher and Theme Coordinator Chemical Safety at KWR Water Research Institute

Jose Antonio Baz Lomba

Researcher at the Environmental Chemistry and Technology department, Norwegian Institute for Water Research

Alexander van Nuijs

Research professor at University of Antwerp, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toxicological Centre

Adrian Covaci

Professor of Environmental and Analytical Toxicology at University of Antwerp, Toxicological Center

Barbara Kasprzyk

Professor in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, University of Bath

We collaborate with

Want to participate?

We are always looking for partners willing to participate and to contribute to the SCORE network in order to further develop wastewater-based epidemiology.